About us

We set out to bring functional yet stylish streetwear projecting distinct luxury and style without compromising on quality.

Our collections have been carefully curated for the modern gentleman’s daily spectrum; consisting of activewear, casualwear and eveningwear designed to be donned not just admired.

Every collection is truly unique and evocative, resultant from of our untiring and meticulous search for the perfect garment.

Each piece allows a unique and unapologetic level of self-expression, often overlooked in modern fashion. With DON we bring back the possibility for you to rediscover the lost notion of individuality amongst the saturated obsession with conformance.

brand values

DON is a contemporary, cosmopolitan and International brand with firm roots in the United Kingdom. Based in one of the fashion capitals of the world, DON is at the forefront of modern design trends.

We cater for a range of sizes however each piece is individually designed to convey that unequivocal perfect fit feeling amidst the distinct eminence and affluence of the DON brand.

We at DON are well affirmed in the fashion industry and this is testament to years of well forged relationships. Our purpose is to achieve this affinity with individuals who choose to carry our brand values and thus customer centricity is at the heart of DON.

Furthermore, we firmly believe whilst dressing well is an art, picking the right materials is a skill. We at DON remove the tethers of convention allowing you to emanate your individuality to the world.